"One is the signature of God." ~ Fr. Lawrence Vadakkan

Let us not attach ourselves to the foreign land, 
not search for sweetness, except in the Light.

"And they were all from One Heart and Will."
Flemish engraving Cornelius de Boudt (1660-1735)

Thy omnipotence, O, Father Protect me.
Thy love, O, Son, Ignite me.
Thy mercy, O Spirit, Sanctify me.
note: The image seems to be also a visual prayer for unity 
between the Church in the East and the Church in the West.

O Adorable Trinity
The earth is full of your glory.
All is of You, all is through You, all is in You.
Sweetness is Pleasing to God

My heart aspires to nothing except to see God in His Glory

The door to Heaven will be opened 
to the Christian soul who has been purified by Love.
Walk in my presence, you will be perfect.
Fruit of Love
Love is helping the poor 
and blessing our greatest enemy 
because they are our brothers, 
and that is the only way to please God.
God penetrates the depth of the heart.

Dopter, Paris
God watches over us.
My pleasure, O, my God, my only ambition
is to be everything to You;
You hold me in a place of day in a profound night,
In the milieu of a desert
You make for me a whole world. 

To the little birds God gives the pasture.
The Church is the door of Heaven

As the eagle teacher her young to rise in the air,
Mary teaches us to raise our hearts to God.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris
God is love, Infinite love, worthy of the love of all creatures!
Spiritual Marriage That they may be one. John 17:21
Bonamy edit. Pontifical, Poitiers

You are truly the hidden God, the God of Israel, the Savior.
The Heavenly Court
1700's original engraving, signed Frehling  
Santino Baroque watercolor 18th cent.